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Thank you for helping build a healthier Rochester! My students are brilliant young scholars, scientists, artists, innovators, and agents for meaningful change in their community. Food is important to all of us - and to some of my students, it means the difference between being engaged and excited about learning that day or having their focus shifted elsewhere. Your donation changes lives by empowering our youth.

Foodlink Backpack Program Sponsorship

About This Campaign

No child should have to go to school hungry. Help us provide food to a classroom full of students for an entire year!

Good nutrition is critical to good health and success at school. Children who don’t get enough to eat often have:
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Lower Math and English scores
  • Difficulty interacting with peers
  • Trouble finishing tests in time
  • Lower graduation rates

Tens of thousands of children in our 10-county service area receive free or reduced-price lunch at school. But when school is closed during weekends and holidays, many of those children go hungry. The BackPack Program from Foodlink provides children in need with bags of nutritious food they can discreetly take home and easily prepare on their own. The bags typically weigh about five pounds and contain items from all the food groups (according to

In a typical year, the BackPack Program serves more than 3,000 children at more than 80 schools within Foodlink’s 10-county service area.

Thank you for partnering with Foodlink to empower students and build a healthier community!
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    Dedication In Honor of: John/Barbara Teeter
    This donation really comes from the hearts of my parents, John and Barbara Teeter, now deceased, who taught me to share liberally with those in need.
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