Membership Management System

Keep track of your Members, Membership fees, Renewal dates and more.

Membership Levels, Renewal and Fees

Create unlimited Membership levels with customizable renewal terms and fees.

Membership Management System

Members and Payments

Segment existing database Contacts into Members. Track everything about a Contact all in one place.

  • Pre-authorize credit cards
  • Membership status reports
  • Track membership payments, outstanding fees, and total revenue
  • Complete 360° view of Members with donor and volunteer stats
  • Run targeted members-only email campaigns
Real-time Nonprofit reports & analytics

Connected and Automated

Define Membership Business Rules, such as refund or skip next membership fees for members who have donated a certain amount or volunteered over a set number of hours for the year. This is made possible only with an intelligent, connected system. Let Smart Automation do the rest:

  • Automated fee payment processing
  • Renewal email notifications
  • Expiration alerts
  • Members-only reminders
Giveffect's Smart Automation